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Amazingly Bad

The New York Mets might have accomplished something in Buffalo in 14 games which the Cleveland Indians could not do in 14 years. Get themselves run out of Buffalo. The Cleveland Indians left Buffalo after 14 seasons, 9 of which were playoff years, 3 of which were championships. The Bisons never wanted the Tribe to leave, but everyone understood the move was not because the Indians were unhappy with Buffalo, but because more money could be made with a farm club in Columbus so games could be shown in Sports Time Ohio. This new ownership of the Indians is more about the money then the product on the field. But no hard feelings where held by either the Indians or the Bisons.

So after much speculation about who the new parent club would be, Toronto, Pittsburgh or someone else, the Bisons signed with he New York Mets. The love fest started, the uniforms changed to Mets colors, the logo was changed to something similar to the Mets logo. NY was put everywhere around the ballpark, everything looked good except for one thing, the team. As this team stands now, they might be able to compete in rookie ball. This is by no means a good Triple A or, Double A or High A team. Never before has Buffalo seen such a bad offense. The Bisons have been shut out in 3 of their first 14 games. The best hitter in pitcher Brandon Knight, whose double to the warning track is about all the power the Bisons have seen this season. Mets prospect 1B/LF Nick Evans, who was supposed to start the season in New York before Gary Sheffield was signed has people wondering why is he here? He should be playing for the Brooklyn Cyclones when the season starts. He is no where near ready for Triple A. He has five hits on the seaons (four off a pitchers, one off of a catcher). And the sad things is his .096 batting average is not far behind the rest of the team. No one on the team is batting over .300. Jason Cooper who has only 11 at bats leads the team with a .273 average.

The Mets seem somewhere intrested in signing some players, as Willey Mo Pena is expected to make an appearance in Bisons orange and blue soon. Bisons fans realize that when the major league team is struggling as the Mets are, putting a winning team on the field is Triple A is not the major concern, but this team is so bad it has fans upset, and they are not the only one. It seems the Bisons have voiced their displeaser already, and have even made it public they have talked to the Mets about how bad this team is. If things don’t change around here soon, I would expect the Mets will be shipping their players out west again in 2011 as the Bisons get yet another new parent club.