Not a Great Start

I don’t think this is the way the New York Mets or Buffalo Bisons envisioned the season starting for the Mets top farm club. A lot of Bison fans were a bit worried about the Mets becoming the new parent club after seeing a lot of bad teams in Norfolk. But the Mets put a veteran club out on the field, with a few prospects mixed in, so there was some hope. But six games into the season this could be the worst baseball team I have ever seen. This team has no offense. Nick Evans, who was the “last man cut in New York” looks overmatch in triple a. I don’t think this is a guy who is pouting, but more of a guy who is not ready for this level. But he is not far behind the rest of the hitters, because no one is hitting. Yet Jason Cooper is not on the roster yet. If he could hit .250 he could be leading the team. I know that triple a is to develop players, but you would think the Mets would not mind winning a game too. I strongly believe if players get used to playing for a losing team, it is a attutude brought to the majors.

 Top pitching prospect Jonathon Niese has been awful in both his starts. This is a guy who could have won the Mets fifth spot? He is getting hammered in the minors. It looks more like the guy is out there throwing batting pratice then pitching. The only bright spot on the team has been the defense. Last year Morgan Ensberg, Josh Barfield and company could not field a ball to save their life. So there was really no where to go but up.

But the Bisons do look good in their snazzy new duds, so that is a positive.


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