I’m Back!

I have not written in this blog in a long time, but it is time to start it back up. So with the relaunch of the blog, things have changed a bit around here. While the Jays are still my favorite team, this blog is about the Buffalo Bisons, which is why the Mets layout.


So it about that special day. Thursday is opening day for the Bisons at newly renamed Coke-Cola Field, formerly Dunn Tire Park, North Americare Park, The Ballpark in Downtown Buffalo, and Pilot Field. The name change of the ballpark is not the only new thing this year. Of course the biggest is the Cleveland Indians left for Columbus leaving the Bisons to find a new parent club. In come the New York Mets, who after getting booted out of Norfolk three years ago were exiled to New Orleans. To go with the new parent club, the Bisons got new uniforms, a new logo, and colors. Royal blue, orange and black to go with the new parent club. The Bisons have went all out with the New York Mets thing. Orange foul poles and home run lines, new “NY style” foods at the ballpark. The Bisons always had their own thing going, never really using the parent club Indians as a promotion. But this year it is all about the Mets. If this thing fails, the Bisons will have a lot of things to change. But I would expect the teams to sign an extension soon so the deal is up to four years.

Tonight I will be heading down to Pettibones, for the Phillies vs. Braves opening night party the Bisons put on every year. Can’t wait for Thursday, which early weather reports are 49 and sunny.


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