Governor’s Cup Teams Set

IL Playoffs Report:Well, I guess that shows what I know about the IL playoffs. I said the finals would be Scranton vs. Charlotte. So the finals are Rochester vs. Toledo. But it kinda works out anyway, I will probably go down to Rochester for both games one and two and root for the Mud Hens. I just don’t want to see the Rochester fans have the joy of winning the cup. Really, you can’t find a bigger groups of jerks in minor league baseball. They throw things at you, they swear at you. It is not like I am doing anything but cheering for my team.

Blue Jays Report:Today after watching the Bills blow a 17-7 lead and lose to the Patriots 19-17, I turned on the Jays game to see Josh Towers coming in in the first inning. Needless to say that is not good because Doc was supposed to out there. I guess he got hit in the back, which is not good but I guess is better then the arm. I hope he is not out for any games. Not that it matters now, because the Jays are not going to make the playoffs, but I still want to see them catch Boston for second place. I think that and an increased pay roll of about $100 million, and it could make for a interesting year next year.


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