IL Playoff Preview

Before I talk about the IL playoffs, who the heck is Anibal Sanchez? I have never heard of him in my life, and the guy threw a no hitter tonight for the Marlins. And as I type this, a guy I have heard of, Randy Johnson is throwing a no hitter in the eighth inning.

The Buffalo Bisons may missed the playoffs this season, but it don’t mean that there is not baseball. The North Division champ always plays the wild card team. This year it is Scranton WB vs. Rochester. I like the Red Barons in five in this series. Scranton don’t have a superstars (if you can call anyone a superstar in the minors) like Ryan Howard, but they have a solid club 1 though 9 in the order and a strong pitching staff. Jim Rushford has always been a player I hated to see playing against the Bisons. Pedro Swann has been a solid pickup for the Barons from the Independent Leagues. And one of my all time favorite former Bison, Dusty Wathan is behind the plate for the Red Barons. A huge loss was catcher Carlos Ruiz, who was called up to Philly. Rochester is a team that never really impressed me much. Maybe they just did not match up well with Buffalo, but even the games the Herd lost to them it was more the Bisons screwing things up then the play of the Red Wings.

In the other playoff series, I like Charlotte is  four over the Toledo Mud Hens. The Mud Hens had to go down to the wire to make the playoffs, winning a one game playoff for the West Division title. When teams have play that hard, it usually means they are spent by the time the playoffs are here. Meanwhile the Knights have been pretty much a lock for the playoffs since June. Former Bisons Ryan Ludwick has turned around his career and had a heck of a season for the Mud Hens. On the Knights side, they have former Bisons Ernie Young, who maybe be having his last kick at another IL title.

In the Championship, I like Dusty Wathan and the Red Barons to clinch the Governor’s Cup in five over the Knights. And after the party in Moosic PA, the Phillies will be pulling out of Scranton for their temporary home in Ottawa, while the Mets farm club which was pitiful will be heading to Lackawanna County.

Tomorrow I will be taking in some playoff action, as some friends and I are heading down to root on Dusty Wathan and the Red Barons in Rochester. I will be wearing my Muckdogs jersey because they are the Phillies New York-Penn League team, and one of the Red Barons hats.


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