Did I ever mention I hate JP and Gibbons

JP Ricciardi and John Gibbons, please quite now. I have seen enough of you failures. For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed to be a Blue Jay fan. Ricciardi has done nothing to improve this team through the minor league system, and has proven that he can not find a bull pen pitcher if it hit him in the face. The Jays have two pitchers in the pen that I have any faith in. BJ Ryan and Brian Tallet. The rest are junk. Leading the way is Jeremy Accardo. Yeah great job, first the head clown in the dugout gets into it with Shea Hillenbrand, and then the clown in the front office trades him for this heap of junk. And why was Doc pulled after seven? I would rather have a tired Doc over a well rested Accardo. Doc should have went went eight, BJ comes in in the ninth to get the save. The Jay have played Cleveland five times, and had a lead in all five, but the pen has blown four of the five.

I have read some articles which say that JP and Gibbons will be back, and I have read some that say they have no chance at coming back. Well, I am sure hoping the are fired,  I will probably throw a party the day when the black cloud leaves the top of the Sky Dome.


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