Yeah Baby!

Blue Jays Report: What a way to end a series with the Yankees and a great way to bounce back after a tough loss on Saturday. I had my headphones with me and Dunn Tire Park listening to the game, and it makes it much easier to tell everyone the score when the Jays are pounding the ball out of the yard, seeing everyone but me and my little buddy Brian are Yankees fans.

So can we talk about Vernon Wells as a MVP candidate now? I would say he had a heck of a series, from the first game to the last. Starting pitching was strong all series long. If only the pen would not have fallen apart Saturday we would be talking about a sweep. But the best part of the weekend was Eric Hinske, a guy who looked like would be on his way out of Toronto, had a heck of a series and looks like he will be getting lots of starts down the road with Shea in San Francisco. I expect Hinske will be the starting DH, and he can give Glaus a break and third, Overbay a break at first, and he can play left field. Yeah he is getting paid a lot, but I think he is worth it if he plays like he did this weekend.

Now it is on to the west coast, and probably the hardest road trips of the year. Yeah the teams in the AL West are not as good as the Jays, but all the travel and time change takes it toll on players.

Bisons Report: For the second straight game the Bisons blew a lead in the top of the ninth. Syracuse scored three times to take a 6-4 lead over the Herd. But unlike last night, the Bisons cashed in their baserunners in the bottom of the inning and came out with a 7-6 win. The Bisons finish up against Syracuse tomorrow and then have a huge series with Louisville, which they pretty much have to sweep if they have any thoughts about getting  back in the playoff race.

New York-Penn League Report: The Batavia Muckdogs shutout the Boston Red Sox farm club the Lowell Spinners 4-0 today in a game I did not think would ever be played. When I was leaving the Bisons game the skies were really dark and when I made it back to my dads which is close to Batavia it was really dark and looked like lots of rain was on the way. So I decided not to head over to Batavia because I figured the game would be called. As I type this the Jamestown Jammers are beating the Brooklyn Cyclones 12-1 in Jamestown, in a game that was probably delayed by rain too.

Tonight on Baseball Tonight they were discussing if A-Rod should be traded. Yes, he had a bad week, and if he were some guy who just came up from the minors he would be back in the minors. But if he were just your average player and had a week like he did, nobody would even notice. But he is A-Rod, the best player (or top two with Pujols) in baseball, and he is playing in New York. If he were still in Seattle or Texas and he had a week like he did, he would get mentioned, but I don’t think they would spend the first ten minutes of the show talking about it. So why would the Yankees trade the best player in the game? I have no idea, he had a really bad week, and while I liked all the E-Rod jokes, and the K-Rod jokes yesterday, he will be back to hitting homeruns and playing solid at third. Yeah the crowd in New York is tough, and the media can be tougher, but it was ONE FREAKING WEEK PEOPLE, CHILL OUT. There is only two other teams that could afford him and still have money to spend on players around him. And I really don’t think the Yankees are going to trade him to the Red Sox or Mets. And I don’t think any lower budget team will trade for him after seeing what happened to Texas when they spent all their money on him. So A-Rod will be in New York for a long time, probably the rest of his career.


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    Being a Yankee fan I was not pleased with the series result, but the Jays have a very solid 1-2 punch and a AL East killer in Vernon Wells. I agree with your opinion on A-Rod and believe me, true Yankee fans are not the ones booing him. Everyone wants to see him snap out of it and he will eventually. This is going to be a interesting 3 team race to the finish, I am looking forward to it!

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